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The Grounded Performance Sport Band is an ideal tool to help you visualize,
focus be more aware, and get into the zone!
Being grounded allows you to tune into the earth and connect to its endless
energy flow allowing your mind and body to work in harmony to maximize

Enhance your body’s performance and health without the use of harmful
drugs or chemicals. Get grounded! Visit www.groundedhawaii.com


I feel so relaxed and find myself so focused when I use the Grounded
awareness bands. Hitting, Throwing and running has taken me to the next
level and I love it.
Thank you Grounded Hawaii
~Michael Suiter
Punahou Baseball
2010 ILH 1st Team All Star, and 2010 All State Player of the Year

I had back pains for over a year and have been taking Celebrex daily.
After being introduced to the Bands my pain in my back is miraculously gone.
Its been so good, my mother had to try it and after suffering for years of
chest pains, her pains were diminished too.
Thank you very much Grounded Hawaii.
~Mrs. Horton Oregon

The awareness bands by Grounded Hawaii has given me and my family the
strength and the energy that I have never witnessed. My daily routine is so
vigorous that my body doesn’t have time to rest, so I trust in the bands everyday.
Being a life guard and a stunt man, I can swim, run and jump without any problems.
Surfing hasn’t been so much fun. The grounded feeling, and the sharp cuts has a
deeper feeling while surfing. The focus that these bands are giving me is AMAZING.
~Brian Keaulana
Life Guard
Hawaii 5-0 Stunt man
Professional Surfer

Yea in all my pictures from instructionals you can see that I have been
wearing the wrist bracelet! I love it and I would to love to keep wearing
and showing it off!
~Bryce Harper

ORDER NOW Price: $15.00

This Pine Tar baseball equipment is designed to give you the ultimate grip
on your bat! Propine baseball equipment is used on 95% of all Major
League Ball Clubs and throughout the country. Voted the BEST Pine Tar
baseball equipment of the Century.

Note: This product is for external use only.

For more information or to see a demonstration,
contact Dean Sato at 808-306-8282.


SWING IT! Learn about the latest and newest technology for building and
improving explosive power, speed and quickness for the whole body.
It’s called SPEED CHAIN.

Who can use Speed Chain?
Golfers, soccer players, softball and baseball players, ultimate fighters
and the list goes on.

What does Speed Chain do for an athlete?
Basically, by properly using the speed chain the athlete will get a
stronger overall body workout which will build strength and quickness
for the quick twitch muscles. Working out in a weight room for an hour
and a half is fine, however, with the Speed Chain, you'll get a good
overall body workout in 30 minutes or less!